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Pet rescue during Hurricane Harvey
Many charities have been responding to the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Many will continue to respond over the coming months and...
Today there are more than 1.1 million charities registered with the IRS.  It’s great to have so many charities to support....

Charity Stories

One memorable patient was Exoce, whose tumor weighed a third of his body weight.
Imagine rats crawling over your children at night as they sleep...

Charitable Giving Tips

When a disaster happens, what’s the best way to respond?
With all the charity horror stories in the news, how do you know if a charity is a scam or spends a huge amount of its donations on raising...

About the CFC

For the fifth straight year, donations to the Combined Federal Campaign declined last fall, to $177.8 million, an 8% decrease. Since 2010,...
The new rules for the Combined Federal Campaign will cause major changes in the CFC, especially how the campaign is run and paid for.

New CFC rules will finally be implemented in 2017

Obama expected to issue executive order allowing retirees to be part of the campaign

            More than 3½ years after they were proposed, the new rules for the federal charity drive will go into effect for the next campaign, starting in 2017. The rules were finalized in 2014 but implementation was postponed in 2015 and 2016.  The rules call for profound changes in the CFC, one reason they have taken a long time to implement.