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How To Become Part of This Website

            If your charity has been part of the federal government’s Combined Federal Campaign, it can be part of this website.  The “CFC” requires charities to meet 10 accountability standards, such as having an audit. 

            If your charity is part of one of Charitable Choices’ four guides or three “joint ads” (in the Post Express, Recreation News and Maxi Saver, which goes to military families), you can be part of this website for free.  Smaller charities (budgets under $1 million) can be part of the guide we distribute in The Washington Post for just $500 (more than 200,000 guides distributed). To learn more, go to How Charities Can Become Part of Our Guides and Joint Ads.

            Charities can have a premium page in this website for a full year for $350. Small charities (annual budgets under $500,000) can be part of this website for $175. 

            To sign up, contact us at [email protected] or 240-683-7100. 

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