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How Charities Are Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Pet rescue during Hurricane Harvey


Many charities have been responding to the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Many will continue to respond over the coming months and years of recovery.  One estimate is that 200,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by the flood.  Of these, 80% were not covered by flood insurance since most were not in a flood plain.

There are many good ways to help, as anyone on social media knows. This list focuses on charities that are responding to this hurricane and flood. Most of these charities have been rated highly by Charity Navigator, a source of information about charities’ finances and accountability. Not all charities, especially local charities, have been rated by Charity Navigator.

Most are also part of the federal government’s on-the-job charity drive, the Combined Federal Campaign.  “CFC” charities must meet several accountability standards.  The “overhead” percentage is from the CFC.  It includes the charity’s fund-raising and administrative costs. Overhead percentage should just be one factor in deciding which charities to support. 

We summarize what each charity is doing in response to Hurricane Harvey, with a link to get more information or to make a direct donation.  You will be giving directly to each charity. We also include a summary of each charity’s mission.

This list starts with charities on this website, followed by local Houston-area charities, followed by national and international charities that are responding. 

Here is our list of charities responding to Hurricane Irma

To suggest additions or ask questions, please contact [email protected].


All Hands Volunteers

All Hands Volunteers’ Response team has reached Texas and is currently in a staging position in San Antonio. We are in contact with emergency management officials to determine where our services are needed most. An alert has been sent out to our extensive network of volunteers, that as soon as access is granted we will move into the affected area, most likely between Corpus Christi and Houston.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity:

Natural disasters strike without warning, shattering lives and leaving whole communities in despair. Support volunteers who immediately respond and rebuild the lives of surviving families

Overhead: 11.4%


Volunteers? Yes


American Kidney Fund

For dialysis patients, a natural disaster like that unfolding along the Gulf Coast is truly a matter of life and death. More than 12,000 dialysis patients—more than a quarter of all dialysis patients in Texas—live in the region affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Emergency resources can help patients find an open dialysis center or pharmacy, and apply for emergency financial grants.

The Disaster Relief Program provides emergency grants to help dialysis patients affected by natural disasters. Funds are used to replace medications, food and household items, and to pay for essentials, such as transportation to dialysis if they have been displaced.

Here’s the link to more information about what they are doing. 

About this charity:

The American Kidney Fund fights kidney disease through direct financial support to patients in need; health education; and prevention efforts

Overhead: 2.4%

Volunteers?  No


Children’s Food Fund/World Emergency Relief

CFF/WER has shipped three truckloads of relief supplies to its distribution site in Sugar Land, TX, and has two trucks going to a new distribution site in Beaumont. Each truck includes bottled water, blankets, food, cleaning supplies, paper goods, baby diapers, adult diapers and disaster buckets filled with personal hygiene items, a flashlight w/extra batteries, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning wipes, canned food, crackers, utensil/napkin packs, bottled water and a bible.

About this charity: For 30 years, we have delivered food to hungry children, provided medical care for the sick, supplied relief goods to disaster victims and given hope to millions living in poverty.

Overhead: 2.2%

425 W. Allen Ave., #111

San Dimas, CA 91773


[email protected]


Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry’s church partners in Houston are working to serve those affected by the hurricane. Donations directly support these churches, helping FH provide emergency food, clean water, hygiene kits, blankets and bedding, other supplies, medical attention and clean-up efforts.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

Overhead: 18.6%

1224 E. Washington St.

Phoenix, AZ 85034



Samaritan's Purse

Two Samaritan's Purse disaster relief units are now in Texas to help residents as they continue to struggle with rain, flooding and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Soon we will have a total of five tractor trailers in the state, setting up volunteer bases around Victoria, Rockport/Portland, Galveston/Santa Fe, and two in Houston.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

About this charity: Christian relief agency, led by Franklin Graham, providing food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and other emergency assistance to victims of war, poverty, disease, and natural disasters

Overhead: 11.3%

Volunteers? Yes




Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

We provide response coordination and short-term and long-term recovery services in collaboration with other area Disaster Relief agencies, and by working with the Mayor’s office on their disaster recovery plan. This means first meeting emergency needs such as shelter, food, and medication assistance for those who have lost everything.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.


Volunteers? Yes


Greater Houston Community Foundation

Houston’s mayor and Harris County’s chief executive officer have established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund within Houston’s community foundation.  This fund will accept tax-deductible flood relief donations for victims affected by the recent floods.

Here's the link to more information about supporting the Relief Fund. Here are the various ways that it can receive support

The foundation has also posted a list of local charities accepting donations of supplies

About this charity: Community foundations are public (vs. private) foundations, which makes them charities that can receive tax deductible donations. They help many individuals set up charitable funds. “Our business is helping donors create lasting legacies and meaningful impact.”

5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 6000

Houston, TX  77056


Volunteers? No


Gulf Restoration Network

This New Orleans-based charity is focusing on toxins that have been released from oil and chemical facilities in the Gulf region.  "It is vitally important that we document these instances of pollution as they happen."  It is arranging flyovers to document any pollution and report it to the Coast Guard. It's seeking donations to hire pilots and planes.  Long-term, GRN will be using its expertise developed in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on building wetlands as storm protection, oil and gas accountability through disaster recovery, and sustainable rebuilding.

About this charity: Gulf Restoration Network is committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region.

330 Carondelet St., Suite 300
New Orleans, LA  70130

(504) 525-1528


Habitat for Horses

In emergencies like Hurricane Harvey, we rescue horses left behind after their owners flee to shelters or elsewhere seeking safety. We take in the most vulnerable equine, provide often urgently needed medical and other care, and reunite them with their owner, or, if necessary, try to find them a new home. We also travel into areas threatened by flooding and use special equipment to bring horses to safety.

Habitat for Horses has a memorandum of understanding with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office and we are the lead the organization in equine search and rescue in the county.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

P.O. Box 213
Hitchcock, TX 77563
(866) 434-5737

Volunteers? No


Houston Food Bank

We will provide food and supplies in the short term and for many months to come to residents in southeast Texas who will struggle to rebuild their lives.  The Food Bank will work closely with our network of partner agencies to ensure food is getting to those who need it most.  We also find ways to connect offers of help with those who are providing help

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

535 Portwall Street
 Houston, TX 77029
 (713) 223-3700

Volunteers?  Yes


Houston SPCA

The Houston SPCA has opened an emergency animal hotline (713-861-3010) as part of its effort to rescue and take care of pets.  During the “Great Houston Flood of 2015” it worked with the Red Cross to open pet shelters.

About this charity: The Houston SPCA helps coordinate animal-related disaster rescue, relief and resources in the region. “Our reach is wide, as we are called to step in when hurricanes, fires and storms ravage the region and state.”

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

900 Portway Drive

Houston, TX 77024

(713) 869-SPCA (7722)


SPCA of Texas

The Texas SPCA is helping pets and people who have evacuated the Gulf Coast and come to North Texas, where this SPCA is based.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: The SPCA of Texas is dedicated to providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home. It operates two shelters and three spay/neuter clinics in Dallas and McKinney and provides services that bring people and animals together.

2400 Lone Star Dr.

Dallas, TX 75212


[email protected]

Volunteers? No


Star of Hope Mission

Your support helps us minister to homeless people in need during the emergency crisis of Hurricane Harvey.

Here's the link to more information about what they’re doing.

4848 Loop Central Drive, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 748-0700

Volunteers? No


Texas Diaper Bank

The Diaper Bank is accepting all types of diapers to help people displaced by the hurricane. They can be mailed directly to the Bank in San Antonio. 

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

The Diaper Bank has been working since 1997 to meet the basic needs of vulnerable babies, children with disabilities and seniors. Its mission is to address the diaper gap and its impact on individuals in crisis.  It provides a continuum of basic services combined with educational opportunities to strengthen a family’s self-reliance.

5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504
San Antonio, TX 78238

[email protected]


Texas Organizing Project

TOP is focused on helping low-income and minority communities recover from the hurricane and flood.  It has created the Harvey Community Relief Fund. "We have an ironclad commitment that 100 percent of the money raised into this fund will be spent directly on ensuring low income and people of color are not forgotten in the relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts," stated TOP's director, Michelle Tremillo. "Not a dime will be spent on any other purpose."

About this charity: TOP promotes social and economic equality for low to moderate income Texans through community and electoral organizing.

2404 Caroline St.

Houston, TX 77004



United Way of Greater Houston

United Way’s first priority will be safety, shelter and basic needs like food. Once the community is stabilized, United Way will focus on long-term recovery efforts.

United Way of Greater Houston maintains a disaster reserve fund, which will be tapped for this storm.  However, because of the widespread devastation, the needs will far exceed existing resources.

Year-round, United Way invests in our community’s first responders, like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, so they can respond quickly in times of disaster, as they are doing now. We will continue to support their efforts to provide immediate relief.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing

50 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 685-2300

Volunteers? Yes



Alley Cat Allies

Wild cats are especially vulnerable in a storm like Hurricane Harvey that also involves severe flooding.  We have sent volunteers and cars loaded with food and medical supplies to the area impacted by the hurricane.  We do this in response to many similar disasters. 

Here's a link to more information about this charity's response. 

About this charity: Alley Car Allies is the only national organization dedicated to protecting and improving cats' lives.  Help us transform the way our society and shelter system cares for cats.

7920 Norfolk Ave., Suite 600

Bethesda, MD 20814


American Red Cross

The Red Cross’s first priority is keeping people safe while providing shelter, food and a shoulder to lean on. It helped set up numerous shelters during the initial evacuations. 

Early in the initial week, almost 1,000 volunteers were on the ground with more help on the way. They will be joined by a group of highly-skilled volunteers from the Mexican Red Cross who will help support shelters, distribute aid, and connect with Spanish-speaking disaster survivors to keep them informed about support available to them.

Before the storm hit, the Red Cross prepositioned additional blood products in Houston ahead of the storm to help ensure an adequate blood supply would be available for hospital patients. It also staged more blood product inventory in Dallas. It is closely working with local and federal authorities to continue the distribution of blood products to its hospital partners.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

Here's a link to the Red Cross's Harvey Relief page on  From here there is a link to its wish list for hurricane victims, though it wasn't operating when this article was posted.  

About this charity: A humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, which provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Overhead: 9.4%

P.O. Box 37839
Boone, IA 50037

(800) 733-2767

Volunteers? Yes



Americares is distributing water, aid and mobilizing medical outreach with our local partners. As the Americares response team on the ground identifies needs in affected communities, the organization has been coordinating and working with its network of local health centers, free clinics and response partners in Texas and meeting requests for water and medications with emergency deliveries.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: Restores health and saves lives by delivering donated medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to people in need around the world and here at home

Overhead: 1.9%

88 Hamilton Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 658-9500

Volunteers? yes


Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends' disaster response team has been to Texas to rescue stranded animals, deliver supplies to hard hit shelters, transport displaced shelter pets and support emergency sheltering efforts. It has also activated its disaster relief fund as it assesses the damage and the needs of its partners. It is seeking donations for its Emergency Relief Fund and its Hurricane Harvey Wish List.

About this charity:  Best Friends operates pet adoption centers, spay/neuter clinics and no-kill initiatives in Los Angeles, New York City, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, as well as a No More Homeless Pets Network of animal rescue groups throughout the country. Its mission is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets, working to help end the killing in America's animal shelters through building community programs and partnerships across the nation.

Overhead: 23.3%


Brother's Brother Foundation

BBF working with Gleaning For The World (GFTW) out of Richmond, Virginia, following the effects of Hurricane Harvey in the United States. GFTW, with the help of BBF, has positioned four tractor trailer loads of cleaning supplies, thermo-blankets and bottled water to be sent to nonprofits located in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Based on continuing needs, additional tractor trailer loads will follow.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: Connecting people’s resources with people’s needs: 55 Years, 140 countries, $4 billion in books, food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals. Forbes Magazine “1st in efficiency.”

Overhead: 0.4%

1200 Galveston Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233

(412) 321-3160

Volunteers? No


Child Foundation

Child Foundation is working with local organizations and volunteers to deliver assistance to families affected by this hurricane. Our focus is most vulnerable populations and children, and our priorities are providing relief supplies and helping organizations working in creating child-friendly shelters.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: Save lives, build hope. Education can move a child beyond poverty. Help children remain in school, giving them the tools to reach their full potential.

Overhead: 19.4%

2020 NE 102nd Ave
Portland, OR 97220
(503) 224-0409

Volunteers? No


Convoy of Hope

The Disaster Services team continues to work diligently to serve storm survivors in Texas. They have already served thousands of people and delivered more than 500,000 pounds in emergency relief supplies.

We have delivered more than $1 million worth of supplies to Texas since our response began and have dozens more truckloads on route. So far, more than 20,000 storm survivors have been served.

The focus right now is on distributing food, water and hygiene items, as tens of thousands of people are without power and water, and could be for several days.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: A faith-based, nonprofit corporation with a mission to feed the world and eliminate poverty through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing

Overhead: 9.3%

330 South Patterson Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
 (417) 823-8998

Volunteers? Yes


Delivering Good

We are now asking our generous donors to respond quickly with the donation of important new items we know that we will need.

We have secured warehousing to receive and stage the donations now, while we secure the process to get the donations to our partners on the ground.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

266 West 37th Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
(212) 279-5493

Volunteers? No


Direct Relief

Direct Relief is helping people who are most vulnerable by focusing relief efforts on the health facilities that serve people who rely on the healthcare safety net for essential services.

Extending the reach of relief by partnering with the Texas Association of Community Health Centers to better help people in need.

Bolstering Front-Line Responders with Supplies, Before the Storm. Direct Relief’s pre-positioned hurricane modules are stationed in 11 Texas communities impacted by the storm.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity:  Providing essential medical resources to the most vulnerable communities in the U.S. and worldwide, improving health and transforming lives.

Overhead: 0.9%

27 South La Patera Lane
Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 964-4767

Volunteers? No

School districts are surveying the damage to classrooms, and many teachers will likely need help restoring lost supplies. Your support will help teachers rebuild and restock their classrooms with materials like books, furniture, classroom supplies, technology and therapy resources.

In the coming weeks, we’ll help teachers at impacted schools create projects for the disaster relief materials they need. Your donations will be used to fund these projects, so that teachers and students at hurricane-damaged schools can get back to learning as quickly as possible.

About this charity: Teachers ask. You choose. We make it easy for schools in need to get the supplies and support they need in these troubled economic times

Overhead: 4.4%

134 West 37th St., Floor 11
New York, NY 10018
 (212) 239-3615

Volunteers? Yes


Episcopal Relief & Development

Your gift provides emergency assistance and long-term help to people recovering from devastating floods in the wake of this historic storm.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity:

Works with more than 3 million people in nearly 40 countries to overcome poverty, hunger and disease through programs that utilize local resources and expertise.

Overhead: 12.1%

815 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017
 (855) 312-4325

Volunteers? Yes


Feeding America

When disaster strikes, the Feeding America network is on the ground and ready to deliver food and emergency supplies to help people cope in the aftermath.

Feeding America staged food and disaster supplies in locations throughout the South in the days prior to the storm. Feeding America food banks are delivering food, water, cleaning supplies and other essentials to communities devastated by the storm. At the national level, Feeding America is monitoring the situation on the ground and coordinating efforts with disaster partners including the American Red Cross and FEMA.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity:  Nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization, annually securing/distributing groceries to over 37 million Americans in need. Our goal is to end hunger in America

Overhead: 1.5%

35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 2000

Chicago, IL 60601
(800) 771-2303

Volunteers? No



All donations to this fund will support recovery and relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Initially, the fund will help first responders meet survivors' immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations in the Gulf Coast.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 550
Washington, DC 20005
(877) 605-2314

Volunteers? No


Heart to Heart International

Heart to Heart had a disaster response team and mobile medical unit deployed Friday, August 25, from Kansas City to arrive in Texas ahead of the storm. HHI worked with local partners to identify areas of greatest need and provided medical support and aid distribution.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: Help us provide medical education, deliver medical aid, respond to people in crisis and address community-health concerns across America and around the world

Overhead: 1.6%

13250 W. 98th Street
Lenexa, KS 66215
(913) 764-5200

Volunteers? No


International Orthodox Christian Charities

IOCC is activating its Emergency Response Network, the Frontliners, to deploy in the coming days to help the people affected by the storm with emotional and spiritual care and conducting needs assessments. Even after their deployment, IOCC’s work to clean and rebuild homes will continue into the weeks and months following the storm’s devastation.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing

About this charity:

Provides humanitarian/development assistance to people in U.S., Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East who have been devastated by man-made and natural disasters

Overhead: 6.4%

110 West Road, Suite 360
Baltimore, MD 21204
(877) 803-4622

Volunteers?  No


International Relief Teams

As an initial response, International Relief Teams has already purchased personal hygiene supplies to be delivered to on-site partners providing support and temporary shelter for evacuees. However, given the magnitude of the damage, much more support will be needed over the weeks and months ahead to help families, especially the poor, elderly and uninsured, restore their lives and their homes.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: Assists victims of disaster, poverty, and neglect worldwide, providing immediate relief and long-term programs including medical training, surgical and clinical outreach, and health promotion

Overhead: 1.3%

4560 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite 1H
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 284-7979

Volunteers? No


Islamic Relief USA

They worked with American Red Cross to set up the “mega shelter” in the Dallas Convention Center. Once flood water subsides, the DRT (Disaster Response Team) will move its operations into the Houston area to being disaster assessments and to provide more emergency relief.

Here's a link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity: Islamic Relief USA provides relief and development regardless of gender, race or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities

Overhead: 15.3%

P.O. Box 22250
Alexandria, VA 22304

(855) 447-1001

Volunteers? No


MAP International

MAP International has sent 1,250 Disaster Health Kits to serve those affected by this disaster. It is preparing another 3,000 to help those in need.

MAP is working with our trusted partners on the ground to provide hygiene kits. These kits include soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential items to help prevent the spread of disease.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

About this charity: MAP International is a global health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities

Overhead: 0.7%

4700 Glynco Parkway
Brunswick, GA 31525
(800) 225-8550

Volunteers? No


Matthew 25: Ministries

Our Disaster Response Team departed at noon on Tuesday, August 29 with our full fleet of specialized vehicles. The trucks were loaded with an initial load of supplies, including personal care kits, cleaning products, first aid and safety kits, diapers, paper products and tarps. Initial plans are to head towards Rockport and Aransas Pass and then follow along Harvey’s path of destruction.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing

About this charity: Helping the poorest of the poor. Providing disaster relief, food, clothing and education materials. Meeting the most basic needs of severely suffering people.

Overhead: 0.6%

11060 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
 (513) 793-6256

Volunteers? No



MedShare has initiated our Disaster Relief Protocol in response to the floods. We have received needs lists from local organizations and governments.

We are equipping Medical Mission Teams traveling to the area.

Our Shipments team is coordinating with healthcare facilities in Houston to determine who has the capacity to receive and distribute supplies.

Our Operations team is preparing for an immediate and effective response via AirLink.

Our Medical Mission Team Store is fully stocked and ready to equip healthcare professionals.

Our Procurement team is reaching out to our product partners to request disaster relief supplies; specifically Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), orthopedic equipment, IV supplies and equipment, personal hygiene supplies, and supplies for wound care.

We are requesting home care equipment donations in order to support elderly communities like these that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We are organizing with our NGO partners to determine the most efficient and impactful response using all our resources.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

3240 Clifton Springs Road
Decatur, GA 30034
(770) 323-5858

Volunteers? Yes


Save the Children

As hundreds of displaced families, including many with infants and toddlers, continue to arrive in shelters seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic flooding, Save the Children has moved quickly to provide the city’s shelters with the necessary equipment and services to keep children safe. Among other things, our emergency teams are:

Delivering family-friendly relief supplies including cribs, strollers, changing tables, baby shampoo, diapers and baby-safe portable tubs.

Setting up Child-friendly spaces in shelters where kids can play and learn while parents manage their family’s emergency needs.

Providing specially trained staff to help children dealing with difficult emotions that can come up during disasters.

Planning for the long-term recovery, helping communities restore child-care, early education programs and children’s emotional well-being.

Our emergency responders are working around the clock to provide family-friendly supplies and services to Hurricane Harvey survivors. To help children and families in shelters, Save the Children has expanded our emergency response programs in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas and are delivering shelter supplies in Austin.

Here's the link to more information about what they are doing.

About this charity:

Our Mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives

Overhead: 9%

501 Kings Highway East, Suite 400
Fairfield, CT 06825
(800) 728-3843

Volunteers? No



Immediate Relief - SBP's executive team and AmeriCorps members will deploy to Texas to support volunteer coordination, mucking and gutting.

Training -  Recovery specialists will train NGOs and businesses on crucial recovery topics, like navigating FEMA and insurance, and proper deconstruction and mold remediation techniques.

Advising - SBP works with government and municipal leaders to design recovery plans so that they are tied to clear outcomes and efficient use of funds.

Collaboration - SBP will leverage the NGO community in a way that maximizes impact and reduces redundancy. We have had great success in raising capacity for other nonprofits, allowing them to take on a larger portion of recovery.

Damage assessment support - SBP can provide digital, app based tools to conduct door-to-door damage assessment surveys, which collect valuable information on community need.

Rebuilding - SBP will set up at least one rebuilding office and likely more. As we have done in eight other disaster-impacted communities, SBP stays to rebuild for years to help residents recover.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

2645 Toulouse Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 277-6831

Volunteers? Yes


ShelterBox USA

A ShelterBox Response Team is on the ground in Texas to assess the need for emergency shelter in Houston and other impacted areas.

ShelterBox is positioning tents, school kits, blankets, groundsheets and solar lights near the hurricane-devastated region as it communicates with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state agencies to determine urgent shelter and aid needs.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

About this charity: Responds to disasters and humanitarian crises around the world by providing emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies families need to survive in the immediate aftermath.

Overhead: 16%

7359 Merchant Court
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34242
(941) 907-6036

Volunteers? No


The Zakat Foundation of America

During the storm’s first weekend, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) began working to address this domestic disaster. ZF representatives have been communicating with government agencies such as FEMA and the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), as well as local Muslim organizations including the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH).

Here is what ZF will be doing:

  1. Distributing hygiene kits and cleaning supplies.
  2. Distributing warm food and clean water to the worst hit areas.
  3. Providing translation services where needed.
  4. Educating beneficiaries about applying for assistance through FEMA.
  5. Cleaning up flooded houses.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

P.O. Box 639
Worth, IL 60482
(888) 925-2887

Volunteers? Yes


World Vision

On Aug. 25, as the storm approached Texas, World Vision began shipping relief goods from four of its field sites across the United States: Fife, Washington; Chicago; and Philippi, West Virginia.

World Vision is responding by providing relief supplies. Several trucks have arrived in the Houston area already with more on their way. Each 53-foot truck has supplies to assist about 2,500 people.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing.

About this charity:  Relief and development organization helping children worldwide by tackling causes of poverty and developing access to clean water, food, health care, education and economic opportunity.

Overhead: 15.2%

P.O. Box 9716
Federal Way, WA 98063   

Volunteers? No


Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago is collecting funds to aid those affected by the devastating storm.

As always, the Federation will absorb all administrative costs, so that 100 percent of funds collected will provide relief for the thousands impacted by this disaster.

We are in touch and working with the Jewish Federations of North America, NECHAMA: Jewish Response to Disaster, and local Jewish communities in the storm’s path to gauge the scope of the damage as it unfolds and to quickly address specific needs of the Jewish and general communities.

Here's the link to more information about what they're doing

30 South Wells Street, Room 3134
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 357-4810

Volunteers? No