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Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. (DC)

Rebuilding Lives - Strengthening Communities

The Coalition for the Homeless provides transitional and permanent housing, employment placement assistance, substance abuse counseling and supportive social services to individuals and families who are homeless or vulnerable.

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Why should I support your work?

More people need the services provided by the Coalition than ever before today.  This is especially true for families with children.  Some people have mental health challenges, issues with substance abuse, unemployed or under employed, or cannot affordable the high cost of housing.  Funds are need to provide people in need with temporary housing, food, bus tokens, household supplies, diapers, infant formula,  cash assistance to prevent families from becoming homeless, and other related items to support the 440 homeless men, women and children we serve daily. In 2015, the Coalition provided 11 households with rental assistance to pay their first month’s and security deposits, which enabled them to move out of shelter into permanent housing more quickly.

Why does your charity exist?

The Coalition’s mission is to help transition homeless and at risk individuals and families to self-sufficiency through housing programs and supportive services.   This includes helping people to secure permanent housing and employment.

What specifically do you do?

The Coalition provides an array of services that include temporary transitional housing to help people to stabilize their lives, permanent housing, substance abuse substance counseling, case management to help people to secure benefits such as food stamps, public assistance and veteran’s benefits, employment and housing placement assistance.

How will this make a difference?

People need different kinds of support to help them address the issues that caused them to become homeless.  In most case, people have multiple challenges that may include job loss, health issues, domestic violence or substance abuse.  Case plans are developed for each individual or families designed to address their specific needs in order to help them to rebuild their lives and move out of shelter.

How is your work different from that of other, similar charities?

The Coalition provides three levels of services, (1) Seven temporary transitional housing programs with targeted six-month length of stay, (2) two affordable permanent housing buildings for households who were once homeless, and (3) supportive social services such as substance abuse counseling, employment and housing placement assistance.  Since 2010, the Coalition has sponsored a Job Fair that has attracted up to 50 area employers and more than 200 job seekers from various local homeless programs.  In 2015, the Coalition assisted 160 persons to secure employment and 335 households to obtain permanent housing.

What have you accomplished?

In 2015, The Coalition provided direct services to more than 800 people, including 100 children in families. Services included temporary housing, food, substance abuse counseling, general social services to assist the participant to obtain benefits such as public assistance and food stamps, employment and housing placement assistance. Also, the Coalition completed intake and assessments on 4,170 families with children who sought emergency shelter through the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center, which is the central intake for families in the District of Columbia. 

The Coalition assisted 160 persons to obtain employment. The average hourly rate was $8.25 an hour. Participants collectively earned more than $2.7million in taxable income. Program participants saved more than $107,586.00 in escrow. The funds placed in escrow are used to assist participants when they move into permanent housing to pay security deposits, first-month rents, and buy household furnishings. The Coalition assisted 335 individuals and families to obtain permanent housing and live independently.   Since 2000, the Coalition has provided cash housing assistance to prevent homelessness and to pay first month’s rent and security deposit to secure permanent housing to more than 750 families. 

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

Based upon our annual external financial audit, .91 cents of every dollar received by the Coalition goes toward direct services for the participants in our program. We are audited by the accounting firm of Walker and Company. Copies of our annual report and audit reports are available by writing us at 1234 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., or calling 202-347-8870, fax 347-7279.  You can also visit our website at