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Charitable Choices emerged out of the effort in the 1980s to open up the world's largest workplace charity drive (the Combined Federal Campaign) to a much greater range of charities.  We've always worked to give all charities -- large and small, well-known and unknown, national and local -- an opportunity to communicate to donors why their work is important.  Our website -- which we began in the 1990s -- is an extension of that commitment. 

Our charity guides are very engaging and easy to use, being organized by the type of work charities do (animal protection, medical research, etc.).  We have a unique system for distributing our guides, handing out many of them to federal and military employees as they enter their workplace. 

We offer all charities very low-cost ways to communicate with potential donors, especially CFC donors.  We also offer in-depth information and guidance about the Combined Federal Campaign.

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How Charitable Choices Guides Are Distributed things are at the heart of our work to promote charities in the Combined Federal Campaign and among other individual donors: Our attractive guides that function as guides, not collections of ads. And our complex and very effective system for distributing our guides.