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How Charitable Choices Guides Are Distributed

 Two things are at the heart of our work to promote charities in the Combined Federal Campaign:

  •      Our attractive guides that function as guides to a range of CFC charities.
  •      Our great system for distributing our three guides (National Guide, DC Guide, Holiday/Post Guide) as well as our Military Insert and our CFC Section in Recreation News.  

We print and distribute a lot of guides: nearly 212,000 in 2021. In addition, we printed and distributed 483,200 of our Military Inserts at 179 bases across the world and 180,000 of our CFC Section in Recreation News (Oct. and Nov. issues). Altogether we distributed more than 875,000 print impressions.

We have three ways to get our guides into the hands of potential CFC donors:

  • Our own distributors hand out guides to employees as they enter their workplaces.  No one else does this. It’s expensive and labor intensive.  But it gets our guides directly into the hands of potential donors, usually as they enter their workplaces in the early morning.
  • We insert more than 60,000 guides in Recreation News, a monthly that is the official publication of 55 Government Employee Associations. It is distributed inside nearly 200 federal government and military offices in the DC area
  • We also use a network of distributors at more than 70 military bases across the country, who hand out our guides (60,000 in 2021) at commissaries. 

We reach a huge number of potential CFC donors: more than 217,500 federal employees and 559,000 members of the military in 2021. 

This is an amazing number. There is no other way to reach anywhere near that number of potential CFC donors, especially now that other ways of reaching CFC donors having disappeared, such as the Post’s Express tabloid and Federal Times.

Our distribution reports document how and where our guides and other options are distributed:

We also document our distribution by posting invoices for our printing and distribution: 

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