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Food for the Hungry, Inc.

Ending poverty for the world's most vulnerable people

A Christian international relief and development organization responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty.

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Why should I support your work?

Our view of poverty is holistic. We believe that ending poverty requires more than just providing raw resources. Our solutions for programmatic development address the physical, spiritual and relational needs of vulnerable people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

We are grateful to be invited into communities where we serve and work side-by-side with local leaders, responding to their needs with transformative solutions, which are sustainable and implemented at the hands of the communities themselves.

Why does your charity exist?

Food for the Hungry seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty by going to the hard places and walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. We’ve been serving through purposeful relief and development for over four decades. In 1971, Dr. Larry Ward founded Food for the Hungry (FH) based on a simple premise, if children died one at a time, he could help them one at a time. Thus began his lifelong mission to serve the world’s most vulnerable people in the hard places.

What specifically do you do?

Food for the Hungry responds to human suffering through holistic community development and emergency disaster relief. Our solutions for programmatic development address the physical, spiritual and relational needs of vulnerable people.

Our main areas of focus are agriculture, health, education, livelihoods and spiritual development. When unexpected disaster strikes, people living in extreme poverty are often the ones who suffer most. They’re faced with unimaginable hardships, are left without the resources they need to rebuild their communities, and often struggle for basic needs such as food and water. Through our relief and humanitarian affairs team, FH works with local governments and other NGOs to bring restoration and hope to those affected by natural disasters or living amidst violence, war, famine and other crises.

How will this make a difference?

When you partner with Food for the Hungry, your gifts equip us to help communities tackle their biggest obstacles. We meet their most basic needs through resources such as clean water, medical aid, food, equal educational opportunities to girls and boys, vocational training and empowerment in the midst of unimaginable hardships.

However, we believe that poverty is complex and ever-changing, and that ending poverty requires more than just providing raw resources. Our approach is holistic, meaning that we seek to end ALL forms of human poverty by addressing the whole person.

How is your work different from that of other, similar charities?
  • Food for the Hungry is different from other NGO’s and non-profits in that we honor the people we serve by inviting them to contribute to the process. Through community-owned transformation, we empower children, families and communities to invest in their own development. We address the root causes of poverty through a relational model of complementing and enabling local institutions.
  • We are intentional about graduating our communities. Our involvement should be temporary and we always enter a new community with the knowledge that we will leave. We are different from our peers because we choose to enter communities on a basis of need rather than feasibility or guarantee of success. We go to the hard places that many have deemed too difficult.
  • Our international staff belong to the nations they serve. We are not foreigners or outsiders offering a new way of life. We are sisters and brothers lifting the shared burden from the shoulders of our global family.
What have you accomplished?

In 2017, over 12 million people were served through our programming:

  • 6,440,637+ children
  • 795,675+ households
  • 3,000+ communities

In 2016, we graduated 18 communities to self-sustainability. We provided emergency response to 14 disaster situations, including the refugee crisis in Syria and Northern Iraq, famine and drought conditions in Ethiopia, and the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Our child sponsorship program now serves over 100,000 children worldwide.

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

We believe it is our duty to be diligent stewards of all funds and gifts we receive. We’re also transparent with our finances. FH is a charter member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, following its strict accounting standards. Intelligent Philanthropy recognized FH for financial transparency. For more information or to view annual reports, please visit