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Children's Food Fund/World Emergency Relief

Giving children a living chance by providing food, safe water and healthcare to children worldwide.

For 30 years, we have delivered food to hungry children, provided medical care for the sick, supplied relief goods to disaster victims and given hope to millions living in poverty.

Why should I support your work?

By supporting our work you are helping relieve human suffering from poverty, persecution and natural disaster.  We do this by providing food and medicine to help children and their families survive and recover. We help indigenous groups develop programs offering healthcare, nutrition, education and vocational training – strengthening struggling families and communities. We work in 15 countries delivering more than $18 million worth of relief, with overhead less than 3%.  We rely on the generosity of our donors to continue CFF/WER’s good works.

Why does your charity exist?

Untold millions of people - and the programs helping them - need practical resources to survive. Starving children need food. The sick need medicine. Farmers need seeds. Children who are naked and shivering need clothing.  At-risk communities need fire trucks.  When disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes occur, the victims need emergency relief aid.   Women and children who are sexually abused exploited need protection and healing. 

Children’s Food Fund/World Emergency Relief (CFF/WER) works with local organizations to fight poverty and hunger, while also providing relief for victims of disaster, conflict and despair. In addition to delivering emergency relief, we develop programs offering long-term health care, nutrition, education and vocational training to assist future generations in breaking destructive cycles and healing their communities. We send needed relief supplies (including food, medicine and clothing) to an average of 30 different countries a year.

Our vision is to give children all over the world a living chance by addressing their physical, emotional, spiritual, educational and economic needs, as the needs of their families and communities.

What have you accomplished?
  • In 1991, we joined with four other NGOs to develop global best practices for commodity humanitarian aid (AERDO Standards).
  • Over the past three years, we provided an average of $10,666,638 worth of global relief a year.
  • We support ongoing projects including feeding centers, health clinics, orphanages, schools, vocational training, and rehabilitation programs.  Project countries include Cambodia, Honduras, Liberia, Kenya, the Philippines, Romania and Thailand.
  • In 2006, we shipped over 2,904,837 pounds of relief supplies to communities in 20 countries.
How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

For each of the past 12 years, over 96% of CFF/WER’s resources have funded supplies and projects for people in need.  To keep costs low, we solicit donated supplies and normally only pay procurement, shipping and distribution costs.  Occasionally we purchase goods in local markets, especially if local prices are advantages and the supplies are actually available. 

CFF/WER is audited by independent accountants and is regulated by nine federal agencies and the Attorneys General in every state.  We have a positive standing with the ECFA, GuideStar and the Wise Giving Alliance (council of Better Business Bureaus).  Our IRS 990s, Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements are available online and our projects are open for anyone to visit, including the media.