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How Charitable Choices Guides Are Distributed

 Two things are at the heart of our work to promote charities in the Combined Federal Campaign and among other individual donors:

     Our attractive guides that function as guides, not collections of ads.

     Our complex and very effective system for distributing our guides.

We print and distribute a lot of guides: more than 225,000 in 2019. In addition, we distributed 522,400 of our Military Inserts at 229 bases across the world and nearly 100,000 of our Special CFC Section in Recreation News. Altogether we distributed more than 847,000 print impressions -- guides or inserts. 

It’s the creative ways we distribute our guides that really sets Charitable Choices apart.

  • Our own distributors handed out more than 37,500 guides.  No one else does this. It’s expensive and labor intensive.  But it gets our guides directly into the hands of potential donors, usually as they enter their workplaces in the early morning.  We targeted employees of 121 federal and military offices in the DC area.  We distributed at or near 39 Metro stations, most of which are near federal or military workplaces.

We had another 69,600 handed out at commissaries on 93 U.S. military bases.

We inserted 56,200 in Recreation News, the official publication of Government Employee Associations. This designation allows Rec News to be distributed inside nearly 200 federal government and military offices in the DC area.  This monthly’s subject matter is very engaging – articles about places to go and things to do on weekends in the Mid-Atlantic region.  It is packed with ads for recreation destinations, which tells you it is well read…these advertisers can track what works for them.

  • We reach a huge number of potential CFC donors, especially federal employees.   No one else reaches nearly as many federal employees as we reach – more than 154,000 last fall. 
  • Our guides and inserts also reach more than 600,000 military personnel and their families, mostly at on-base commissaries. 

We carefully report on and document all our distribution

Because our distribution system is so complex, we spend a lot of time carefully reporting how we distribute our guides and Military Insert.

We also document our distribution by posting invoices for our printing and distribution: 

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