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Comparing Charitable Choices Combined Federal Campaign promotion with the Post’s Express

            A good way to reach Combined Federal Campaign donors in the DC area is the Post’s Express daily newspaper.  We’ve used it ourselves.

            A better way to reach many more DC-area CFC donors is through Charitable Choices. If you can do both, that’s great.  If you can’t, please consider becoming part of Charitable Choices’ CFC charity guides, website and our other CFC promotional options.

           Last fall our two DC-area guides went to more than 108,700 federal and military employees.  Our CFC Special Section in Recreation News went to 75,896 federal or military employees.  This means our guides or our CFC Special Section went to nearly 185,000 potential CFC donors.

          In contrast, each daily issue of the Express goes to just over 29,300 federal and military employees (22% of an average daily circulation of 133,000).  These figures are print impressions, not "readership," which projects that each copy is seen by more than one person.   

Why our charity guides and other CFC promotion options stand out:

  • Our local distributors handed out more than 41,500 guides, usually outside federal buildings or at Metro stations near federal buildings, in the early morning when people get to work. There is no better way to get our guides in the hands of employees as they enter their workplaces.  In contrast, the Express’s CFC ad supplements are printed inside this tabloid daily newspaper.  You must read through the paper to find the charity ads.
  • Our engaging guides are printed on quality white paper, not newsprint, and they are letter size – easy to keep on a desk or in a file.  They are easy to use, looking like guides, not collections of ads.  They are organized logically, according to the type of work your charity does.
  • We offer great ways to reach donors digitally, all of which is included when your charity is in our printed publications.  You get a premium page in our CFC charity website for a full year.  When you’re in our Special CFC Section in Recreation News, your charity is highlighted in Rec News’ Weekend Update email, which goes on internal government servers to more than 40,000 federal and military employees. 
  • Most important of all, we have reams of data that show being in our guides and other options works for charities.  Here’s a very recent report on this data.
  • We haven’t raised the cost of being in our guides or CFC Special Section for years, knowing that most charities are raising less through the CFC.  Here are the options for local DC area charities.  Here are the options for national and international charities
  • We offer ongoing information and advice about the rapidly changing CFC.  You can see the many articles we’ve published about the CFC here