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Serving the needs of "Happy Dave"

The following is a statement from Agape’s CEO, Allen Speer after visiting an orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti:
"Hello, my name is Dave, what's your name?" I responded, "My name is Allen, it's great to meet you, Dave.”


As I walked into the orphanage I met several of the little residents.  One small boy reached out his hand to greet me.  As I looked into his deep brown eyes, I could not help but notice his enormous smile. In perfect English he said, "Hello, my name is Dave, what's your name?" I responded, "My name is Allen, it's great to meet you, Dave.”  His shirt was brightly colored with a cartoon-like character on the front. Underneath the character was the word, 'Happy."  I asked him if his shirt was true, "Are you happy?"  His quick response was, "Oh yes, we have great meals here at the house and I have my own bed.  Would you like to see my bed?"  His single bed was a mattress of foam rubber, a plain white sheet and a thin cotton comforter.  To me it didn't look like much, but to him, it was something very special.  What I discovered was that “Happy Dave” had been rescued just 3 months earlier by Agape affiliated missionaries.  Dave's parents had abandoned him and left him on the streets to fend for himself.

“Happy Dave” certainly made a tremendous impact on me. But more importantly, he served to express the critical work that our missionaries are accomplishing. I was reminded that by Agape supplying their needs we were also serving the needs of Happy Dave and a multitude of children. Thank God for the missionaries and the eternal difference they are making in the lives of children, women and men throughout Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

Agape Flights is a multi-denominational organization offering a service of supply, encouragement, love and support to over 350 missionary affiliates.  I count it an awesome privilege and honor to be leading a servant ministry like Agape Flights.  We are blessed with a community of volunteers, financial partners and a talented staff uniquely gifted to meet the needs of those we have been called to serve.  Our name, "Agape" is taken from the Greek language.  Agape love is unconditional love, the kind of love shown to us by Jesus Christ.  Agape Flights was birthed out of a desire to "Serve Christ by Serving His Missionaries." In that one statement of 6 words, 1 word occurs twice because of its significance. It is essentially what we do, we serve. We are the life and supply line to missionaries who serve Christ. We serve the servants.

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