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National Wildlife Federation

Protecting Wildlife, Inspiring Future Generations.

America's conservation organization, protecting wildlife for our children's future by restoring wildlife habitat, protecting national waters and connecting people with nature through education programs and publications, including Ranger Rick Magazine.

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Why should I support your work?

Nature is threatened today by habitat destruction, air and water pollution, global climate change, and growing numbers of people.  Whole ecosystems will be destroyed unless we stand up and speak on their behalf.  Wherever we focus our efforts, it is NWF’s members and volunteers who give us the money and the muscle we need to get things done.  Our logo says it all: People and Nature... Our Future is in the Balance.  You can help level the playing field for wildlife and their habitats by supporting NWF’s programs.  Your gift enables NWF to work towards achieving that critical balance.

Why does your charity exist?

The National Wildlife Federation recognizes that a secure future for wildlife depends on balancing the needs of both people and wildlife for habitat.  NWF members and volunteers are sensible people trying to save the real places they know and love.

What have you accomplished?

NWF’s Great Lakes Natural Resource Center won a key victory last year when the EPA settled an NWF lawsuit by agreeing to implement the Great Waters Program mandated by the Clean Air Act to curb airborne toxins.  NWF had another success last year when a federal appeals court upheld the Great Lakes Initiative, stringent water quality standards enacted after years of NWF and citizen action.

In Atlanta, NWF assisted with the Carver Hills Initiative, cleaning up the community, restoring a local creek, starting a trail project, and more.  The campaign also succeeded in closing a nearby sanitary landfill that had resulted in multiple environmental and human health injustices.

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

NWF emphasizes common-sense conservation plans with lasting results.  By minimizing overhead costs (12% in 1997), 88% of what you give goes directly to our vital conservation activities.  You also support publications such as Ranger Rick, which educate and inspire people of all ages.