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Alameda County Community Food Bank

Providing food - and hope - to children and adults struggling with hunger in our neighborhoods

The Food Bank serves 1 in 5 Alameda County residents -- most are children and seniors. Our bold approach to end hunger includes CalFresh Outreach, Advocacy, nutrition services and other innovative solutions.

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Why should I support your work?

Every gift matters. 60% of our support comes from individual donors like you. Because of the commitment of our individual donors, the Food Bank is not subject to changes in government priorities or dependent on private and corporate foundations – who may be severely affected by the recession – for most of our funding.

While food drives and industry donations are important sources of food, it’s not enough to meet soaring demand in this economy. We purchase 60% of the food we distribute – nearly half of which is the fresh produce that’s most needed in the communities we serve.

Your support is critical to keeping food on the table for the 49,000 people who need our help every week.

Why does your charity exist?

There is hunger in every neighborhood in Alameda County – 1 in 6 residents visit one of the Food Bank’s 275 soup kitchens, food pantries, after-school programs, senior centers, shelters or other community agencies each year.

With the high cost of living in the Bay Area, the majority of people using the Food Bank’s services are working families. Alarmingly, nearly 75% are children and seniors.

What have you accomplished?

Since 1985, the Alameda County Community Food Bank has helped people struggling with the burden of hunger. The Food Bank provides food assistance to 49,000 people each week, including low-income and working poor adults, children, and the elderly.

In addition to food distribution, the Food Bank educates the community about the causes of hunger and poverty, advocates for policies to improve the lives of low-income people and operates an emergency food referral hotline.

Your donation will provide nourishment and hope to working parents struggling to feed their families.

More importantly, your contribution can be measured by the relief on the faces of parents – like Keith and April – who know where their daughters’ next meals are coming from.

"Like most fathers, I'd do anything to make sure my family has food on the table," Keith said. "Keeping my dignity was a bonus".

When his family was in crisis, Keith called the Alameda County Community Food Bank. Keith spoke with a volunteer Food Helpline Operator. Knowing how difficult it is for people to call, Food Bank volunteers make a special effort to be sensitive and respectful. Keith was immediately connected to a Food Bank member agency in his neighborhood. That afternoon he picked up a bag of groceries.

In order to support their young daughters, Keith works full-time for a national auto parts retailer. His wife, April, works part-time for a Tri-Valley auto dealer. Their paychecks only go so far. Despite their best efforts, they don’t always make it to the end of the month.

The relief is immediate. Just hours after Keith called the Food Bank, April served a green salad, chicken and rice for dinner. They had fresh fruit for dessert, all provided by the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Your gift counts … just ask Keith and April when they’re putting dinner on the table for their girls.

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

Charity Navigator has awarded us a perfect Four Star rating four years running – a record matched by only 9% of charities nationwide. 96 cents of every dollar goes directly toward providing food to children and adults struggling with the burden of hunger in our county.

For each $1 you donate, we will distribute $5 worth of food.