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How COVID-19 is complicating the daily struggle for survival

"There is no room in crowded markets or tiny shacks to allow for social distancing."


Children and families throughout the Caribbean and Latin America are caught in a dangerous spiral of food insecurity, as the threat of COVID-19 complicates their daily struggle for survival.

Unable to consistently adopt safety measures such as masks, parents are often forced to risk their own lives as they venture out to local markets to try to sell goods and buy whatever food they can afford for their hungry children. There is no room in crowded markets or their tiny shacks to allow for social distancing.

In partnership with our generous donors, Food For The Poor continues to respond to COVID-19, meeting urgent requested needs In the countries we serve. Since mid-March, Food For The Poor has shipped 709 tractor-trailer loads of aid to the countries we serve together, including 200 containers specifically for COVID-19 relief.  Because of you, they continue to receive this critical relief.

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