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Overcoming unimaginable odds to live a triumphant life thanks to the power of EDUCATION!
The local priest asked her how long she would hold out until she achieved her dream of an education. Her defiant reply — “until the end.”


Coptic Orphans supports the education of more than 10,000 impoverished Egyptian children annually. Our volunteers work with the children to remove obstacles that prevent them from obtaining a quality education that helps them reach their full potential. Every day we celebrate successes among the children we support as they strive to become tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers in their communities.


Children like Mary who grew up fatherless in a single shabby room. As a female, she faced discrimination because girls are not considered as valuable as boys in Egyptian society. Though Mary dreamed of education, her uncles barred her way, insisting she marry young “like all the other girls” instead.


The local priest asked her how long she would hold out until she achieved her dream of an education. Her defiant reply — “until the end.”


Her determination and bravery paid off. Through the efforts of Coptic Orphans, nothing blocked her education. She studied hard, was the first girl in her village to enroll in high school, and scored 93% on her exams!


Children like Sara who volunteers met during a health education class. In the class, Sara learned about the causes and prevention of Hepatitis C, a disease rampant in Egypt.


After class, she approached the teachers in tears. She knew her mother had the disease, and was afraid she did, too.


Sara was tested and was found free of the disease. That moment changed her life. She is now working to prevent its spread in her community.


Children like Mena, who lost his father at age 5. Mena said of his father, “If my dad were alive, I’d tell him, ‘Don’t leave us. Take us in your arms. Take us to church and stand next to us to pray together.’ After his father died Mena recalls, “My siblings and I were very sad. My mother was devastated.”


No one could replace his father, but the Coptic Orphans volunteer assigned to visit him regularly offered mentoring and support to set Mena on the right path in life. Mena’s mother credits the volunteer, Joseph, with helping him move forward after the loss of his father. Joseph shares, “Last year, Mena ranked 13th in his class. He now ranks 9th! Next year we hope he will be at the top of his class!”


Children like Abanoub, who was six when he last saw his father. His father worked at a limestone quarry to feed his family. Sadly he suffered a fatal accident at work. After his father was buried Abanoub was next in line to work in the quarry. Thankfully his local church stepped in and reached out to Coptic Orphans for help.


Today, Abanoub doesn’t have to work in the quarry that stole his father’s life. Instead, he is focused on his education and is enjoying being a child rather than being the breadwinner for the family at seven.


Children like Marina, who, as a young woman, was confronted by a triple threat—her family’s lack of resources, Egypt’s strained school system, and society’s indifference to educating women. Worse, the village where she lived with her widowed mother was far from the local school.


Despite this, Marina was not scared into silently accepting her fate. Instead, every day she and her mother walked 45 minutes to get transportation to school.


Her persistence and courage paid off. Today, due, in part to the many years of support from Coptic Orphans volunteers, Marina has secured a rare full scholarship at the American University in Cairo where she is studying business!


And children like Nashed, one of the 45,000 children served since Coptic Orphans’ inception in 1988. Nashed only was three months old when he lost his father. He grew up in the harsh conditions of Egypt’s second-poorest governorate.


Nashed’s mother struggled bravely to support him but needed assistance. “Without Coptic Orphans paying for my tutoring, I would have been unable to finish medical school,” Nashed shared. Today, Dr. Nashed is treating the poor without charge in the town where he grew up.


The successes of these children and thousands like them demonstrate that education — the cornerstone of Coptic Orphans’ approach — works. Along with our supporters, we are changing the lives of some of Egypt’s most vulnerable children. Our children are three times more likely to complete their secondary education than their peers.


Your support of Coptic Orphans transforms lives and provides hope for the future! Coptic Orphans CFC number is 12153.


Thank you sincerely for caring!

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