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World Villages for Children (Asian Relief Inc)

World Villages for Children is committed to providing care and education to children around the world who come to us with empty stomachs from destitute situations.

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Why should I support your work?

World Villages for Children supports the charitable programs of the Sisters of Mary to relieve the poverty, hardship and distress suffered by children throughout the world through the establishment and maintenance of villages for children who  are without parents or guardians, or who, as a result of severe poverty, are in need of food, accommodation and care.

Every year, we help over 20,000 children break the cycle of poverty. Thanks to the education and high-quality vocational training they receive, our children can secure their employment after they graduate and go on to support their families.

Why does your charity exist?

Extreme poverty, particularly among children, remains a global plague today.

Those who are living in severe poverty are often victims of what economists call the “poverty trap" which describes a situation in which individuals are stuck in severe deprivation over long periods of time, and there is nothing they can do by themselves to escape their plight. The idea is simple: those who begin their life in poverty are very likely to remain in poverty for their entire lifetime unless they receive outside help. A situation often exacerbated by a “perverse equilibrium" characterized by low income and low nutrition: poor nutrition then becomes both the cause and consequence of low income.

Knowing that schooling is one of the strongest predictors of economic well-being, the charitable programs of the Sisters of Mary aim to break the cycle of poverty described above on a large scale by making available a free education including vocational training to more than 20,000 poor children every year.

How is your work different from that of other, similar charities?

For more than 50 years the Sisters of Mary have built an outstanding record of success that has transformed the lives of over 150,000 very poor children by allowing them to achieve academic success, find good jobs and then assist their own families and local communities, thus helping to break the cycle of poverty on an even larger scale.

Over this 50-year period, the Sisters of Mary have built world-class schools in six countries across two continents with a capacity to educate more than 20,000 children. The schools are fully equipped with modern teaching facilities as well as ample space for recreation including soccer fields, basketball courts and swimming pools. Each of the schools has a dedicated group of teachers fully committed to the goals of the Sisters of Mary and ready to help each pupil reach their full potential.

Following graduation, new graduates benefit from the long-standing and deep relationships with local employers that the Sisters of Mary have carefully nurtured over many years to assists new graduates in finding employment. And for those graduates with the desire and aptitude to pursue additional learning opportunities, assistance is given in finding suitable university courses.

What have you accomplished?

Today, World Villages for Children is helping support 14 schools in 6 countries - in the Philippines, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and Honduras. Since the beginning of our programs in the 1960's, more than 150,000 graduates have received a quality education at no cost to their families. We are anxious to see this number soar as we continue to break the cycle of poverty one child, one family at a time. Expansion plan are being considered to open a new program and lift even more children out of extreme poverty. We are relying on the generous contributions of our benefactors to make this dream a reality.

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

Over the many years that the Sisters of Mary have been operating their schools, they have learned how to operate in a very efficient way with the result that all of the many benefits and services they provide to the children are delivered at the astonishingly low cost of $1,000 to $1,300 per child, depending on the country. With so much delivered at such a low cost, there can be little doubt the Sisters of Mary schools represent one of the most efficient and effective poverty reduction programs to be found anywhere in the world.