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The Nature Conservancy

Working to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends

The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental nonprofit creating a world where people and nature can thrive. By maximizing our ability to effect change between now and 2030, we can shape a brighter future for people and our planet. Learn more at

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Why should I support your work?

Founded in the U.S. through grassroots action in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has grown to become one of the most effective and wide-reaching environmental organizations in the world. Thanks to more than a million members and the dedicated efforts of our diverse staff and over 400 scientists, we impact conservation in 76 countries and territories.

Our mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. To achieve this, we must boldly address the biodiversity and climate crises over the next decade. Guided by science and equity, we find paths to solve climate change and biodiversity loss. We’re determined to make a major difference by 2030.  By maximizing our ability to affect change between now and 2030, we can shape a brighter future for people and our planet. 

Why does your charity exist?

The actions we take over this next decade will define the planet's path over the next century. The Nature Conservancy is urgently taking on the dual threats of biodiversity loss and the climate crisis, maximizing resilience and benefits for communities.

What specifically do you do?

Our approach reflects decades of learning and refining, and the special role TNC can play side-by-side with partners, communities and decision-makers across the globe. Our 2030 Goals will:

  • Help 100 million people at severe risk of climate change become even more resilient through nature-based solutions.
  • Support the leadership of 45 million people whose lives depend on nature every day.
  • Save enough healthy land to cover India—twice.
  • Protect more than 10% of the world’s ocean and enough river kilometers to stretch around the globe 25 times.
  • Take 650 million cars’ worth of emissions out of the air every year.
How will this make a difference?

Every acre we protect, every river mile restored, every species brought back from the brink, begins with you. Your support will help take action on the ground in all 50 states and more than 70 countries.  Donate today and you’ll fund direct conservation and advocacy work where it's needed most urgently. Your generous support puts the best conservation science into action right now, so we can take on the biggest, most complex challenges of our lives.

How is your work different from that of other, similar charities?

From our historic work in land acquisition to cutting-edge research that influences global policy, The Nature Conservancy is constantly adapting to take on our planet’s biggest, most important challenges. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.

What have you accomplished?

Discover how we’ve been working to protect people and nature around the world. The Nature Conservancy’s annual and financial reports give us the opportunity to report to you — the people who support us and make our work possible — on our recent achievements. But the work we do far exceeds the capacity of these reports to tell our story. This past year, The Nature Conservancy was involved in hundreds of projects in all 50 United States and in more than 70 countries and territories around the world.

Review our 2021 Annual Report to discover how we’ve been working to protect people and nature around the world.




How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

The Nature Conservancy is one of the most effective and efficient environmental organizations in the world.

Building on nearly six decades of experience, we've protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 river miles—and we operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally.

We are able to accomplish so much because we make careful use of our resources, maximizing the funding that goes toward our science-driven program work. Our program efficiencies meet standards set by both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, meaning you can be confident that any investment in The Nature Conservancy will be put to good use.