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Diabetes National Institute

A growing campaign against diabetes

Create better futures for people with diabetes by sponsoring: diabetes research to cure diabetes, educational grants to teach and help children cope with diabetes, free educational workshops, nutrition consultations and support groups in the MetroDC area, educational newsletters and free educational library.

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Why should I support your work?

Diabetes National Institute is first and foremost a growing campaign against diabetes and a community effort to enrich the lives of people with diabetes. Our mission is to provide free services and create a warm and supportive atmosphere where people with diabetes, their families, and the public can engage, learn, and build a greater understanding of diabetes.

Why does your charity exist?

At Diabetes National Institute, we believe that every person with diabestes deserves to live a healthy life full of promise.  That's why we started DNI in 1999, a growing campaign against diabetes and a community effort to create brighter futures for people living with diabetes.

What specifically do you do?

We sponsor FREE community services including:

  • Educational Seminars for the public aimed at teaching people about diabetes care, new advances in research and potential treatment.
  • Research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes.
  • Educational grants aimed towards improving diabetic control and health through education, learning new techniques, and developing more self-reliance and self-esteem.
  • One-on-one nutrition consultations with a certified nutritionist to help improve blood sugar control.
  • Youth Group and Family Support Teams where children with diabetes and families that are also coping and dealing with diabetes can build friendships and share their experiences.