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A Child's Hope Fund

Changing lives, one child at a time

Fight childhood cancers and debilitating health conditions in children that are living in developing countries endangered by disease, poverty, war, and exploitation; through food and medical programs, and health education.

Why should I support your work?

We touch the lives of children in positive ways which reflect hope, love and concern at a deeper level than “just” giving out food, etc. Our partners are chosen for their distinct abilities to show God’s love in ways which people might want to respond to.

ACHF chooses not to seek USAID grants or financial resources from other government agencies.  We rely on the generosity of our donors to continue ACHF’s good works.

Humanitarian aid doesn’t “just happen”. It only happens because of individuals like you.

Small gifts have tremendous impact, just as the Bible’s story recording how five loaves and two fishes fed 5,000 people illustrates the tremendous “multiplier effect” of a small amount of food to feed so many.

Why does your charity exist?

ACHF brings practical relief and hope to children around the world endangered by disease, poverty, abuse, war and natural disaster. Our tangible aid and the gift of hope reaches orphanages, schools, clinics, hospitals and community centers, right down to individual families and street children. Local groups know who needs help, and how best to deliver aid; our assistance strengthens those local efforts.

ACHF helps fight childhood cancer, diabetes and hunger through medical and food programs and health education. We support efforts to create an environment where children are unconditionally loved… something every child needs. 

ACHF’s goes far beyond traditional “delivery of aid”, to promote pediatric palliative care and hospice in developing countries, helping those families for whom medical attention for their children sadly comes too little, or too late. Such tragedies are a sad reality in the overwhelming need everywhere for resources to survive, and to have hope.

ACHF changes lives, one child at a time.

What specifically do you do?

Our beneficiaries are primarily children (including orphans) ant their families. We work through local groups especially able to give a high level of personal care and attention. We call these groups "embranceable communities" because they are small enough for us to get our arms around them and given the strength needed. 

Many of those we help suffer from hunger and malnutrition, or they are devastated by other serious illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and HIV-AIDS.  Whenever possible, we also give resources to help local efforts to promote health safety and awareness. 

What have you accomplished?

In 2005-200, ACHF shipped well over $15 million of food and other life-saving supplies, including vital medicine, medical equipment and supplies, to impoverished citizens of Honduras, El Salvador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, the Philippines, and Panama.  We placed a special emphasis on fighting AIDS and cancer, strengthening prenatal care, and reducing infant deaths.

In 2009 we have expanded these outreaches to South Africa.

We offer our local partners in developing countries technical and human resource assistance, including project management strategies and accountability resources, so they can do a better job for the people they serve.

In 2008-09, ACHF volunteers visited hospice efforts in Honduras and South Africa and delivered workshops about “caregiver care”.

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

For each of the past three years, over 99% of ACHF’s total donated resources have funded supplies and projects for people in need. To keep costs low, we solicit donated supplies and normally only pay procurement, shipping and distribution costs.

Why should we spend your money to buy supplies, when we often can get the identical or similar product donated? When we ship commodities, we do not ship junk. Everything is totally safe for human consumption and presented to our recipients in an orderly manner.

Our local partners are selected because they can properly use the aid we provide and also report back to us on their activities. Our partner relationships are protected by written agreements which hold them legally responsible in their own communities, and our partners must be able to demonstrate their proven abilities to deliver aid with wisdom, effectiveness and human dignity.

ACHF is independently audited every year by certified public accountants and is regulated by several federal agencies and the Attorneys General in every state where we register to solicit funds. Our IRS 990s, Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements are available online and many of our projects are open for anyone to visit except where privacy and security must be observed.