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Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation

(Prevent Cancer Foundation)
Stop Cancer Before it Starts!™

The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation® is saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection. Founded in 1985, the Foundation fulfills its mission through research, education, outreach and advocacy.

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Why should I support your work?

The Prevent Cancer Foundation® is the only U.S. nonprofit organization solely dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection.

We dare to imagine a world where no one dies of cancer. Since day one, we have been a pioneer in cancer prevention and early detection to increase the chance of successful outcomes.

We are a catalyst for progress—providing seed funding for young scientists and enabling early results that are leveraged into large grants to research innovative emerging technologies.

We are a convener—bringing together constituencies to improve access to services for underserved communities, driving support for increased funding for research and bringing together people who don’t often find themselves in the same room .

We are nimble—empowering others by quickly investing in the best people and projects through time-tested review processes conducted by a wide network of leaders in cancer prevention and early detection.

Why does your charity exist?

In 1985, Carolyn Aldigé founded the Prevent Cancer Foundation in memory of her father, who died of cancer the previous year.

We were the first organization dedicated solely to reducing cancer deaths through cancer prevention and early detection, and we remain steadfast in that dedication: We are still the only U.S. nonprofit with that singular focus—and have catapulted our mission to prominence through research, education, outreach and advocacy.

What specifically do you do?

The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection. We do this by:

•Investing in research into new and innovative technologies that make early detection and other interventions accessible at a lower cost.

•Investing in programs that use existing technologies and interventions to increase early detection/screening across all populations, particularly in underserved communities.

•Investing in people by providing first grants to early-career scientists that enable them to become independent researchers and advance to senior positions in cancer prevention and early detection.

•Providing seed grants that researchers can leverage into more sizable funding.

How will this make a difference?

Over the past 35 years, each gift from a supporter has helped us realize our mission of cancer prevention and early detection through research, education, outreach and advocacy.

Through your generosity, we can achieve our goal of reducing cancer deaths by 40 percent by 2035, our 50thanniversary. Your support today will help us continue to save lives across all populations by:

•Investing in innovative research and technologies to detect cancer early and advance universal cancer screening capability—resulting in the potential to detect multiple cancers in a single test.

•Expanding cancer screening and vaccination access to underserved communities—bringing hope to those who lack access due to financial, logistical and cultural obstacles.

•Educating the public about screening and vaccination options—ensuring everyone, everywhere understands the importance of these opportunities to help lead long, healthy lives.

How is your work different from that of other, similar charities?

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is one of the nation's leading voluntary health organizations and the only U.S. nonprofit focused solely on cancer prevention and early detection. Founded in 1985, it has catapulted cancer prevention to prominence and fulfills its mission through research, education, outreach and advocacy.

What have you accomplished?

Here are just a few examples of the impact we have already made:


•Our early investment in the research of Dr. Craig Jordan—now one of the world’s preeminent breast cancer experts—was a turning point in his innovative research into drugs that can prevent cancer. Considered the “Father of Tamoxifen,” Dr. Jordan was the first researcher to understand that tamoxifen could prevent breast cancer, which eventually led to the groundbreaking drug that has saved countless lives

National Outreach

•For more than 25 years, we’ve been saving lives through our hugely successful ¡Celebremos la Vida! (Let’s Celebrate Life!) breast and cervical cancer education and screening outreach program. We’ve partnered with community health care providersto offer culturally appropriate education and screenings to Latinas who may lack access due to location, language barriers, lack of insurance or family obligations. The impact of these grants has been far-reaching: 18,429 mammograms and12,465 cervical cancer screenings have been performed. Fifty-five breast cancers and 13 cervical cancers have been detected—early enough for the women to be successfully treated. The program encourages women to return for yearly check-ups, take charge of their health and carry the early detection message to female relatives and friends in their communities.

It has become a model for education and screening programs across the country.                                           

Education and Advocacy                                                                                                                                          •We have been a leader in raising awareness of colorectal cancer—a cancer that is diagnosed in nearly 150,000 people in the United States every year. Through unique education programs such as our travelling “Super Colon” and our advocacy work that resulted in the Congressional and White House designation of March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, we have catapulted colorectal cancer—once spoken of reluctantly —to the forefront of the cancer prevention conversation. Today, dozens of cancer-related organizations echo and amplify our message of prevention, screening, and early detection of colorectal cancer.

But our work is not done—please join us in continuing to make an impact with cancer prevention and early detection!

How can I be sure you’ll use my money wisely?

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is rated through various charity and nonprofit rating groups:

- 4 Stars through Charity Navigator.

- A- rating on Charity Watch

- ACCREDITED through the BBB Wise Giving Alliance