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Breathe California of the Bay Area

Through a wide range of local programs and services, we are committed to fighting lung disease in all its forms and working with our communities to promote lung health.


Why do we exist?

Every day, far too many people struggle to breathe easy. More than 35 million Americans suffer from lung disease, which accounts for the 3rd leading cause of death in the country. Ranging from asthma and mphysema to tuberculosis and lung cancer, lung disease can strike people of all ages, all races and from all walks of life. In addition, air pollution and secondhand smoke continue to pose a threat to both lung disease patients and healthy individuals.

To combat these health challenges, Breathe California of the Bay Area is proud to bring a wide range of services to our communities. We provide classes to teach kids how to manage their asthma, support groups for adults with lung disease, tobacco education for youth and teens, quit smoking classes for adults ready to go smoke-free and many other educational programs. We advocate for policies that reduce air pollution, keep tobacco away from kids, protect the public from secondhand smoke and provide assistance for lung disease patients. Breathe California is also proud to support cutting-edge research that will help us further combat lung disease.

What have you accomplished?

Since our founding in 1911, we have led the fight against lung disease in all its forms. Over the past century, we’ve been instrument n establishing tobacco-free communities, achieving healthy air quality and combating the impact of lung disease. Yet, the truest measure of our success lies in the lives that we touch every day.

We have helped Barbara advocate for changes in housing to protect her disabled grandson from drifting tobacco smoke.  Chongde has received life-saving breathing equipment.  Luis, an elementary school student, learned how to control his asthma at Camp Superstuff, so that he can sleep better, run farther, and not feel "different" at school. Josephine finally kicked the habit with the help of our Ash Kickers quit-smoking classes. And through the Better Breathers Club support group, Jean has found the support, knowledge and encouragement to confront her emphysema and lead life to its fullest.

How do you help people in my community? Why do you need my support?
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