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Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation

Scholarship assistance to eligible children of Marines and Federal law enforcement personnel who die while on active duty.  Over $59 million in awards has been distributed since our inception in 1995.


Why do we exist?

Mc-Lef exists because there will always be brave men and women who will choose to serve and protect our great Nation that will pay the ultimate price. Their families deserve to know that service will not be forgotten.


What makes your work different from that of other charities that are working on the same issue or have a similar mission?

We are very different from many military scholarship programs in that we award the scholarship within weeks of the tragic loss. We do not ask the families to wait for 10, 15 or more years to apply for a scholarship. We believe it is imperative that these families know that their fellow Americans stand with them at this tragic time.


What have you accomplished?

We have awarded over $62 million in scholarship and humanitarian aid to over 3,500 children. The young man in the photo in our ad is one of our scholarship recipients. He and his mom have traveled to some of our events to speak about our mission.

How do you help people in my community? Why do you need my support?
How can I be sure that you will use my money wisely and won't waste it? Can I Volunteer? How?

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