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Lupus Foundation of America, DC/MD/VA Chapter, Inc.

DC/MD/VA's leading organization dedicated to supporting and educating the 80,000 residents and their families who are living with lupus and increasing awareness of lupus among the public. Toll-free 888-349-1167.

How do you help people in my community?

We offer workshops, 2 annual symposia on many facets of living with lupus, a chronic illness, a richly informative website (www.lupusdmv.org), up-to-date and accurate printed materials, a weekly e-newsletter, teleconferences, podcasts and Support Groups in 18 different locations throughout DC/Virginia/Maryland, as well as an online support group.  We have a Quality of Life fund for small emergency grants, and we have helped our clients purchase medicine, visit their rheumatologist or a needed specialist, pay their electric bill, etc. For example, we had a patient who was extremely ill and had no medical insurance. LFA-DMV assisted Ann* by (1) arranging for her to see a rheumatologist free of charge, (2) connecting her to the health and social service agencies necessary to obtain Medicaid and food stamps, (3) paying the bill for both her lab work and prescriptions, (4) and connecting her to our patient navigator for support and counseling.

Why do you need my support?

All of our services are offered at no charge.  The Lupus Foundation of America, DC/MD/VA Chapter wants to make the most accurate and up-to-date information available to anyone who needs it.  Our supporters make that possible, whether they give through a workplace giving plan, a Walk for Lupus Now, or with small gifts throughout the year, the total of these gifts makes it possible for us to do more each year and to create more awareness of lupus and its life-altering and potentially life-threatening consequences. 

How can I be sure that you will use my money wisely and won't waste it?

We are a very small organization that covers the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia with 5 full-time and 2 part-time employees.  We work hard to see that your donations go toward helping the 80,000 people in DC/MD/VA who are living with lupus and its sometimes devastating consequences.

Can I Volunteer? How?

Yes, our small staff can always use volunteers!  You can be trained to create more awareness of lupus at community and health fairs, public awareness events, and educational programs or through the Speakerís Bureau. We have ongoing in-office clerical duties in our D.C. and Owings Mills, MD offices, and we need volunteers for our 3 Walks for Lupus Now and other events.  Just inquire at info@lupusdmv.org..

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