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Food For The Poor, Inc. - Hunger

FFP provides food to starving people in the Caribbean and Latin America, including school children, orphans and the elderly. FFP partners with churches, schools, hospitals, missionaries and many other charitable organizations.

How do you help people in my community?

While the focus of our mission is to help our poorest brothers and sisters in the Caribbean and Latin America, Food For the Poor has responded to emergencies here closer to home when called upon.

As an international Christian ministry, we strive to help our brothers and sisters in those countries nearest to the United States.  The face of poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America, just hours from our doorsteps, is overwhelming in its need.  The very basics of life that we in the United States so often take for granted – housing, food, water, medical care, education and emergency relief – are totally lacking in the countries we serve. 

Food For The Poor maintains a steadfast commitment to bettering the lives of the destitute through housing, education, food, medical and sustainability projects.

Why do you need my support?

The work of Food For The Poor can only become a reality through the generosity of compassionate supporters who selflessly give, and ease the suffering of our poorest brothers and sisters. Because we buy food in bulk, we can provide a meal of rice and beans for just 6 cents!

In addition to providing emergency relief, our desire is to enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. By supporting education initiatives, training programs and income-generating projects, the cycle of poverty can be broken.

How can I be sure that you will use my money wisely and won't waste it?

Food For The Poor has continually maintained a remarkable efficiency level in all of its operations. In 2011, 96.3% of all donations went directly to programs that help the poor.  Forbes Magazine has rated Food For The Poor as having a 97% fundraising efficiency rating as well as a 96% charitable commitment ratio. Food For The Poor also received a 5-star Financial Efficiency rating from Ministry Watch, the highest possible score.

Can I Volunteer? How?

Food For The Poor offers opportunities to travel with us on mission trips to see our work and experience firsthand the extreme need that exists.  You will see God’s grace in action and discover why our work is so important to the missionaries who depend on us. These journeys inevitably become life-changing experiences and provide hands-on opportunities to feed the poor, visit the sick and elderly, and sometimes even help build houses and schools.

The countries where we work have extremely high unemployment rates, and we create opportunities for local employment through our home building projects.  Many organizations that we work with have adopted communities in the areas we serve, and become partners with Food For The Poor in bringing assistance to those areas.  Whether the assistance is housing, water wells, schools, clinics, feeding or a self-help project, a visit to the community provides a first-hand awareness of the need.

Other volunteer opportunities also include: hosting a Special Event, getting your church, school or business involved in our work, becoming a Champion for the Poor to raise money for a project you are passionate about, helping us get the word out on your social networks, or taking advantage of employee matching gifts. For information about local events, visit our website at www.FoodForThePoor.org

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