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Adventist Development & Relief Agency International

Imagine living without clean water, health services, education or a steady job. Gifts support ADRA's empowering development and relief programs in the U.S. and around the world. 1-800-424-ADRA.


Why do we exist?

Call it help. Assistance. Caring, even. Then think about the people who receive it unconditionally everyday. Because everyone needs a helping hand now and then, ADRA has developed a network of experts in 125 countries who can deliver aid quickly and efficiently when people need it most.

Through five distinct portfolios ? Food Security, to give people dependable access to food; Economic Development, to encourage entrepreneurship and financial independence; Primary Health, to connect people with the right health services; Emergency Management, to help people when disasters strike; Education, to give people the tools to break the cycle of poverty ? we give families options (and a second chance, too) for a better way of life.  Call that hope.


What have you accomplished?

In 2005, ADRA responded to no less than 53 emergencies worldwide and benefited at least 28 million people without regard to their ethnicity, political philosophy, or religious association.

Someone who benefited from ADRA?s help is Abraham Golbow, a 90-year-old former shoemaker who lives in Falanfay, a small southwestern Somali village located in the middle of that country?s sorghum belt. For nearly four years, the village well had been unusable after it collapsed, and finding water was a daily challenge, as it still is for so many people in this drought-prone region. Meanwhile, ADRA was in the area helping communities rebuilt old wells to make them usable again. That?s when Falanfay elders approached ADRA for assistance. After a feasibility study, ADRA brought plastic molds from Kenya, enlarged the diameter of the well, and helped villagers remove the debris. The work was successful and after several months of hard work, Falanfay and Abraham Golbow finally got their water back.

Throughout the world ADRA helps people find not only clean water, but also dependable access to food, health services, education, employment, and much more.

ADRA also actively promotes higher standards of living through participation in the United Nations Economic and Social Council since being granted general consultative status in 1997. In all its efforts, ADRA recognizes the dignity that is inherent in each person and is committed to improving the quality of human life.

We like to think we?re giving people the hope they need to face the future. The result? Families thrive and people lift themselves up from poverty.


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