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Miracle Flights for Kids

Providing free commercial airline tickets for low income, seriously ill children who must see a medical specialist far away from home.

How do you help people in my community?

Miracle Flights for Kids® has provided air transportation all across America. Check our web site for stories of children in your community at www.miracleflights.org. Since 1985, Miracle Flights for Kids® has grown into a national program whose boundaries are limitless. The organization provides flights throughout the United States and is not limited by distance. The ability of Miracle Flights for Kids® to purchase commercial airline tickets when volunteer pilots, or donated tickets, are not available, distinguishes Miracle Flights for Kids® from other flight programs, who are incapable of flying distances or do not have the resources that our organization has. Many of these other organizations refer their patients/families to Miracle Flights for Kids® for assistance; in fact, Miracle Flights for Kids® receives nearly 40 % of its referrals from other flight organizations.

Why do you need my support?

Over the years, Miracle Flights for Kids® has received more and more requests from all parts of the United States, and beyond. Because those requests sometimes require flights longer than the range of a private aircraft, Miracle Flights for Kids® adopted the policy of acquiring seats on commercial airlines, purchasing the tickets if need be, in order to ensure that all children are able to access the medical treatment needed. The number of requests received by Miracle Flights for Kids® continues to increase and the demand for our services is never-ending. Miracle Flights for Kids® relies on donations to provide this service. Many families are faced with tremendous stress caused by the news of a seriously ill child, discovery that the only medical treatment center available is miles away and ever-mounting medical expenses that may or may not be covered by insurance. Without Miracle Flights for Kids®, seriously ill children may not receive the lifesaving treatment that is available in another locale or they may experience delays in treatment and risk further medical complications. Oftentimes, the medical care they are seeking is not covered by insurance due to being out of their network or beyond their expense cap.

How can I be sure that you will use my money wisely and won't waste it?

Our goal is to maintain nationwide service such that no child will be denied the best medical treatment available due to the inability to reach his or her treatment center—no matter where—no matter how many times the flights are needed.

Can I Volunteer? How?

If you know of a sick child, you can be a Flight Connector by giving the child’s family our toll-free number, 1-800-FLY-1711. Help ensure that a child gets to treatment that could save his life. We will make sure that distance does not hold back that child from getting well. Be a Sky Writer without leaving the ground. Tell people in your community about our organization. Take an afternoon and stop by your local library, or visit the hospitals schools or churches in your area, give them our brochure and tell them how we can help sick children get to far away treatment centers. You can participate in our Project Hero program by helping us expand our network of private aircraft to ensure that we have aircraft in every state. With your help, kids will not have to wait to get to treatment. If you are a qualified, licensed pilot or know of a pilot who would like to be a hero, please contact us at 702-261-0494; fax at 702-261-0497; or, email us at pilots@miracleflights.org You can also show your support by visiting our web site at www.miracleflights.org , shopping at our charity malls, donating your vehicle, and making donations whenever you can.

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